Who is Valery Kulakov?

(aka Aaron Goldstein, Valery Kuharez, Valery Cool)

The owner of the company has been dealing in rare books for more than 50 years, and his experience extends to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He graduated from the Leningrad school of librarianship and for a time worked as a librarian at the Russian National library in Leningrad (formerly M.E Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library).

During the 1970"s and 80"s, having emigrated to the USA, he was instrumental in negotiating the sale of a number of major private art libraries, collections, and papers of prominent Russian artists, literati, and journalists - Alexander N Benois, Serge Soudeikine and Nikita Baliev, to mention just a few.

Over the years he has contributed to the purchase and sale of many cornerstones in the Russian, Soviet and Slavic book culture. His clients include major collectors of Russian and Slavic books residing outside Russia proper, major academic institutions, and prominent American and European dealers in rare books and manuscripts.

Within the span of the last 25 years, he is one of the few contemporary dealers in rare books to have handled a total of six volumes in exclusive bindings with decorations wrought in silver and precious stones, executed in Peter Carl Faberge"s workshop in St Petersburg at the beginning of the last century.

He has also sold more than 2,500 individual volumes from the Russian Imperial Libraries and the entire duplicates" section of more than 4,000 items/publications from the Archives of the Russian Social Democratic Party (Bolshevik branch), originally located in Geneva, and purchased and brought to the USA by the famous American bookdealer H.P. Kraus after World War II.

These days the owner is assisted in his work by a small team of consultants, all leading experts on Russian and East European book culture and the history of printing, who all reside outside Russia.